What Wildlife Lives In and Along the Guadalupe River

When you put the city in your review mirror to visit the Guadalupe, you are in for a nature treat. There’s something special about the Guadalupe River that runs from Central Texas to the Gulf of Mexico. Fish, waterfowl, fox, birds, and a host of other species hang out by the river. It’s nearly impossible to go and NOT get a glimpse of wildlife in the area. [Read more…]

20 Reason Why Summer Tubing Trips Are the Best

Have you considered taking a tubing trip this summer? Southern Texas offers all the raw ingredients needed to enjoy this family-friendly adventure, from cool river waters to a warm inviting sun. There are so many reasons to take a summer tubing trip that we could write a novel on the subject. For the sake of brevity, we’ll list only our favorite twenty.

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Can I Bring My Smartphone on My Tubing Trip?

Tubing down the river can be both an exciting and relaxing experience. If you’re the type of tuber that wants to stay in touch with loved ones, get some awesome pics of your trip and keep an eye on the time, you might want to bring your smartphone too. But how safe is bringing a smartphone on your tubing adventure? Is it better just to leave the modern world at home or in the car?

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