What to Wear When Floating on a Lazy Tube Trip

On a tubing trip, the object is to have a fun, relaxing time on the water. To ensure that you’re prepared and comfortable for your trip, here are some tips for dressing for the occasion.


Sun Protection

Before anything else, remember your sunscreen. You’ll be under the sun for hours while on your tube, and you definitely want to enjoy the summer heat without burning. A good waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of 50 will protect you from frying. Make sure to put it on all areas not covered with clothing or a bathing suit, including legs and feet. Apply sunscreen both before and during your tubing trip.

For further protection, wear a hat with a brim such as a sun hat, visor, or baseball cap to cover your face and keep the sun out of your eyes. Sunglasses are important on a tubing trip because of the sun reflecting brightly off the water. It will be easier on your eyes if you wear sunglasses, and they will protect your eyes from ultraviolet sunlight. Try to use a safety strap with your sunglasses so they don’t fall off while you’re playing in the water.

Clothing Options

In general, a bathing suit is your best bet when tubing. You’ll definitely get wet, so you’ll want clothing that is water-safe and dries easily for when you get out or walk back. It will be hot and a bathing suit will be the most comfortable while you are relaxing in the sun.

Avoid baggy clothing like long dresses or jackets or clothing that stays wet for a long time. You won’t want to wear anything that will restrict your ability to swim, so you want your arms and legs free to move.

Also, a white tee shirt over your bathing suit will keep you cooler beneath the hot sun and protect more of your skin. Tight-fitting, snug clothing will provide you with the most comfort on your tubing trip.

Extra Protection

If you’re worried about conditions of the water or river, you may want to bring a wetsuit and water shoes or socks. Even if the climate and sun are hot, the water may be cold, and a wetsuit will insulate everything but your face, hands, and feet. Neoprene wetsuit bottoms and athletic shirts will also help insulate.

Water socks and Aqua shoes are specially made for use in lakes or rivers. They protect your feet from rocky riverbeds, and some people just find them more comfortable than bare feet. They also provide traction on possibly-slippery rocks and river bottoms.

If you don’t want to invest in a pair of water socks, an old pair of sneakers or hiking sandals will work just fine, as long as you don’t mind them getting soaked. Flip-flops don’t work as well because they fall off your feet too easily and get lost.

Other Helpful Tips

Don’t bring or wear anything you wouldn’t want to lose in the water, like expensive sunglasses, hats that blow off easily, or jewelry. Remember to bring a plastic bag with you during your trip to store your wet clothing on the way home. Don’t bring anything important or valuable like money or keys tubing with you.

Life jackets are provided for your tubing trip free of charge at Shanty River Center, so you won’t have to worry about providing your own.

You want your tubing experience to be comfortable and stress-free. These tips on what to wear will ensure that your time floating on the river will be fun and relaxing.