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The Can Ban does NOT affect all tubing on the the Guadalupe River.

Here at the Shanty River Center, located on the famous “Horseshoe” section of the Beautiful Guadalupe River, in Canyon Lake Texas, the Can Ban DOES NOT APPLY. Tubing the Guadalupe River on this part of the river is NOT affected by the new ordinance known as “Can The Ban”.


This new ordinance has left many confused and wondering whether the Can Ban applies to the Guadalupe River. So, let me shed some light on the subject. The New Braunfels Can Ban applies only to the parts of the Guadalupe River within the City Limits. Since The Shanty River Center is not within the city limits, our Guadalupe River tubing trips have not been affected.

Within the City Limits the Can Ban restricts the use of disposable packaging, such as cans, or plastic bottles. The intentions are good, and for the right reasons, relating to keeping our rivers clean, but somewhat unrealistic, for keeping hydrated while having summer fun.

However, Outside the City Limits, the Can Ban Does Not Apply and has not affected tubing on the Guadalupe River!

The “Horseshoe” section of the Beautiful Guadalupe River, in Canyon Lake, known for great fun, tubing, rafting and kayaking is outside the city limits. We are free to be responsible for ourselves.

So here at the Shanty River Center we invite you to join us for best Tubing on the Guadalupe River.You are welcome to bring a cooler with beverages of your choice . We only ask that you dispose of your debris appropriately. We supply mesh bags at no charge for all customers, to assist in keeping our rivers clean. Restrictions on this area of the river include: No Glass, No Foam, and no 5oz sized disposable packaging. The responsibility is left to all of us, to do our part to keep the rivers clean, so please do not abuse our rights.

Keep on Tubing the Guadalupe River, here at Shanty River Center, where the Can Ban Does Not Apply, and you the right to choose the beverage of your choice, while having fun in the sun.

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So remember, the Can Ban does NOT apply to any of Shanty River Center Guadalupe River trips!