Information and Tubing Tips

  • Wear suitable footwear–river shoes or old tennis shoes. The
    Guadalupe River is a natural river with rocks and a slippery river bottom, river shoes are highly recommended for tubing, rafting and kayaking.
  • Shoes are needed when entering and exiting the river.
  • Wear sunscreen or sun block for your river trip.
  • Drink plenty of liquids, while tubing.
  • Children: Watch them constantly, Stay close. While tubing, never tie more then 2 tubes together, and always use a short rope/string when you do.
  • Sunday and weekdays are KID FRIENDLY DAYS!
  • Life Jackets are provided at No Charge with tube rental. Recommended for Small children and Non-Swimmers.
  • Remember to bring your sunglasses, hats, or visors to protect you from the sun.
  • Weather: Watch the weather. Get out during lightning storms or high winds.
  • DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR KEYS, HOUSE KEYS or VALUABLES on the River…keys don’t float and Locksmiths are expensive!
  • PARK ONLY in designated areas, cars in undesignated areas may be towed.
  • Pets: Must be on leashes at all times.
  • DO NOT LITTER! Dispose of all trash properly. Dump all trash in designated receptacles. Help keep our rivers, parks and Texas beautiful.
  • Make a FLOAT plan. Let friends know where you are.

River and Tubing Rules, for the Guadalupe River, Canyon Lake, Texas

  • No foam, glass or plastic containers UNDER 5OZ to be used while tubing the Guadalupe River.
  • Do Not Litter! Currently… the Can Ban DOES NOT APPLY to our tubers on the Guadalupe River, Canyon Lake, Texas. Excessive debri, of any kind could change our current rights and restrictions.
  • Public nuisance behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t trespass on private property! Keep on Floatin’ to a legal exit point!
  • Lifejackets are required for all rafts, kayaks, canoes, etc.

Thank you to all of our Guests, tubing the Guadalupe River, Canyon Lake, Texas

Shanty River Center wants to thank you for your efforts in keeping our river clean and safe for everyone. We appreciate all that you do to take precautions while on the river to stay safe while tubing, rafting and kayaking.